"Ocean Literacy as a Global Evolutionary Complex Systems Charge"

Peter Tuddenham 

President, College of Exploration



"Plastics gone to sea and our future"

Sunwook Hong 

Our Sea of East Asia Network

SESSION 1 “Marine Education in Formal Setting”
Moderator: Jongmun Kim


"Korean policies for marine education and culture"

Yong Tae Kim

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

"Does “CANAL STUDY” in central Tokyo bay area enhance ocean literacy?"

Tsuyoshi Sasaki

Professor, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

"The effects of GEMS program"

Kyung mi Lee

Seoul Yangjin Elementary School

"Cultivation of international marine talents in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative (Video Presentation)"

SONG, Wen-Hong

Ocean University of China

"Development and application of education program based on open-inquiry with the use of ocean big data"

Heejo Bang

Incheon Science High School

"The evolution of science education: You don't know? YouTube it"

Jose M. Barlis Jr & Dr. Josefin D Fajardo III

Polytechnic University of the Philippines




"Marine education of Busan Metropolitan Office of Education"

Joo Young Lee

Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education

"The efficacy of enriching current science curriculums with experiential marine science activities and lessons to improve ocean literacy"
(Video Presentation)

Sarah Taylor

The Harbour School Marine Science Center

"Analysis of the educational effect of Ocean Data Literacy in High school classes"

Ja-Rang Lee

Incheon Nam High School

"The integrated development of outdoor education and marine education in Taiwan" (Video Presentation)

Chin-Kuo Wu

National Taiwan Ocean University

"A case of encouraging educational club activities by sailing: a marine sport"

Cheon-Jae Lee

Seoul Jeonggok Elementary School

"The impact of reality and virtual marine experience on water fear consciousness and ocean literacy"

Yen, Chia-Dai (Ray) & Han, Der-Yan

National Taiwan Ocean University

"Marine issues are all together in basic education"

Jongbok Chun

Gyeongbuk Science High school

PANEL DISCUSSION “What’s new? Marine Education under pandemic situation”
Moderator: Peter Tuddenham

Hong sung nam 



Jack Chang


Tsuyoshi Sasaki


Russel Stevens

South Africa

Angelica Baylon


Mohammad Uddin


Liu, Xunhua 


Daejeon education training institute

Taiwan Marine Education Center(Video Presentation)

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Two Ocean Aquarium
(Video Presenation)

Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific

Department of Oceanography, University of Chittagong

Ningbo University Marine Education Research Center
(Video Presentation)

SESSION 4 “Metaverse presentation”


"The Development of Marine Education in China: the Unity of Ontology and Instrumentalism" (Video Presentation)

MA, Yong

Ocean University of China

"The Educational implication of the Beauty of Marine Humanities"
(Video Presentation)

Liu, Xunhua

Ningbo University Marine Education Research Center

"Apply Driving Forces-Pressure-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) to resolve marine spatial planning in Chittagong port" (Video Presentation)

Mohammad Saydul Islam Sarkar

Department of Oceanography, University of Chittagong

"Competence index system of Marine teachers in primary and secondary schools" (Video Presentation)

Xingyu Ye & Tuo Ji

Department of Education, Ocean University of China